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2016 Rookie Division Rules 

The basic concept of this program is to make the game safer, more fun and interesting for these young players by...keeping their interest active in playing baseball. Keeping all the kids “in the game” all of the time should be our primary concern....Hitting, fielding, and running the bases, are the primary objectives of this concept. – From the Babe Ruth Leagues Rulebook 

Unless noted here, the Rookie Division is governed by Babe Ruth League’s “Baseball Rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules.” 


  •   Teams shall play 10 players defensively (4 outfielders). ALL 4 outfielders MUST be in outfield grass upon batter making contact with pitched ball. When necessary, you may play with a minimum of 8 players. When using 8 players defensively, you must eliminate the pitcher (position 1) from your line up. 
  •   Teams will have free defensive substitutions. However, NO player can be a defensive bench substitute for more than one (1) consecutive inning in any game. A player who has been a defensive bench substitute, while his team is on defense, may not do so again, in the game, until all other players on the team have sat out at least one (1) inning. 
  •   Teams shall bat your entire roster in attendance. If a player arrives late, after the first pitch, he must be placed at the bottom of the line up in the batting order. 
  •   If a player is injured or departs the game, their position in the batting order is skipped for the remainder of the game. 


  •   No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 50 minutes of play. In the event of a tie after 6 complete innings, if time permits, one extra inning may be played. In the event of a tie, each team will receive 1 point. Wins will count 2 points. Losses will count 0 points. 
  •   A 10 run mercy rule shall take effect when one team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 4 innings [visiting team] or 3-1/2 innings [home team]. Each team may only score 5 runs per half inning. 
  •   All managers and coaches are required to assist working the fields, if necessary, to get the fields in playable condition, for all games for that day. 
  •   The home team is responsible for the “official rookie scorebook”. Both Managers are responsible for ensuring the book is complete and accurate after each game. Each Manager must sign the official scorebook on their respective team page. 


  •   All pitching shall be done with the pitching machine. The pitching machine shall be operated by an umpire.
  •   In the event an offensive coach has to operate the pitching machine - there shall be no coaching of base runners, at any time, by the offensive coach operating the pitching machine, or acting as the pitcher, while the ball is in play. If, in the umpire’s judgment, a base runner gained an advantage, being coached by the pitching machine coach, the umpire can return the runner(s) back to the base he deems the player was improperly coached from. 
  •   Each batter receives a maximum of five (5) pitches. If the ball has not been hit into fair territory, the batter is out. Exception: No batter shall be deemed “out” if he fouls the fifth pitch AND it is not caught for an out. Foul tips caught by the catcher on pitch five or beyond, will be deemed an out. 
  •   Bunting: There will be no limitation on bunting, although normal baseball rules apply. 
  •   NO infield fly rule. 
  •   If a batted ball hits the pitching machine OR pitching machine operator, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded a base hit. All other base runners will advance one (1) base. 


  •   Same rules apply for post season. 
  •   For seeding purposes, tie breakers will be as follows: 

o Tiebreaker #1: Head to head o Tiebreaker #2: Runs Allowed o Tiebreaker #3: Runs Scored 







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