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2016 Minor Division Rules 

Unless noted here, the Minor Division is governed by Babe Ruth League’s “Baseball Rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules.” 


  •   During the season, each player must play three (3) complete games defensively. 
  •   All players shall appear in the batting lineup. This means free substitution throughout the game (If a child starts the inning in the field, he must finish the inning in the field. This rule does not apply to injuries or pitchers) 
  •   Teams will have free defensive substitutions. However, NO player can be a defensive bench substitute for more than one (1) consecutive inning in any game. 


  •   No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 50 minutes of play. 
  •   A 10 run mercy rule shall take effect when one team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 4 innings [visiting team] or 3-1/2 innings [home team]. Each team may only score 5 runs per half inning. 
  •   The home team is responsible for the “official scorebook”. Managers are responsible for ensuring the book is complete and accurate after each game. 


  •   Cal Ripken Division rules apply during the regular season. Please review the regulations regarding pitching limitations. 
  •   Pitch count for the pitchers will be 70 pitches per game. (This will be strictly enforced) 
  •   A nine year old (or younger) eligible player must pitch one complete inning in ALL regular season games. A pitcher recording 3 consecutive outs satisfies this rule. 
  •   You are allowed one visit to the mound per inning. Upon the second visit to the mound, with the same pitcher, the pitcher must be removed as a pitcher, and may not return to the pitching position. 


  •   Base runners must not leave their occupied base until the pitched ball has reached the plate. If the runner leaves the base early, he/she will be sent back and “no pitch” will be declared. 
  •   Only one (1) base runner per half inning may steal home on a wild pitch OR passed ball, when originating from 3rd base. All other runners that attempt to steal home when originating from 3rd base will be sent back. 
  •   A “courtesy runner” may be used for catcher. This runner must be a player who is currently not in the game. If all players in attendance are in the game, the last batted out may be used. 


  •   Same rules apply for post season. If a player or players are found not to have completed their minimum 3 complete games during the regular season, the player or players MUST fulfill these obligations during the post-season tournament. 
  •   For seeding purposes, tie breakers will be as follows: 

o Tiebreaker #1: Head to head o Tiebreaker #2: Runs Allowed o Tiebreaker #3: Runs Scored 





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