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2016 10u Division Rules 

For any rules or information not covered below, refer to the 2016 10U Babe Ruth Tournament Rules. All managers and coaches are responsible for reading and being familiar with the Babe Ruth Rulebook. 


  •   All players present shall be placed in the batting lineup. If a player is injured and taken out of the game, she may not re-enter the game but will not be penalized as an out for her turn at bat. 
  •   If a player is injured in a play and is safe but must come out of the game, the previous player in the lineup who is not on the field will run for her. 
  •   The defense will consist of 10 players. 
  •   No player may sit 2 consecutive defensive innings. Any intentional violation of these rules will result in penalties as set forth in the attached.
  •   If a player arrives late, she is to be added at the end of the batting lineup with no penalty to her team. This must be noted in the official scorebook. 
  •   If a team has less than 8 girls in attendance at any game, they may elect to pick up an 8th player. An attempt must first be made to utilize a player from the 8-u age division, the next option being a player from the 10-u division that is mutually-agreed upon by the two managers. A “pickup player” must play outfield and bat at the end of the line-up. 


  •   A game will be 6 innings, with a 10 run rule after 4 innings in effect. 
  •   A maximum of 5 runs may be scored in any inning by each team. 
  •   No new inning may begin after 90 minutes. Any game called for time will be considered an official game regardless of the number of innings played.
  •   Any game called for weather, power outage, etc. will be considered an official game if 4 complete innings have been played. If 4 innings have not been completed, the game will be considered “suspended”. This game will resume at the same point it was suspended, it will NOT be started over from the beginning. 
  •   In the event of a tie at the end of 6 innings, and if time allows, one additional inning will be played to determine a winner. If the game remains a tie after the additional inning, the tie will stand. 


  •   All players must wear a batting helmet with a face guard at all times when batting, on the bases, or in the on-deck circle. 
  •   Bunting is allowed, with the exception of a fake bunt. There is no restriction on the position of the infielders prior to the pitch, other than the pitcher must be behind the front of the pitching machine as stated above. Showing bunt then pulling back and hitting will not be allowed. If a batter shows bunt, they must bunt the ball, take the pitch, or slap the ball. The batter may not pull back and take a full swing. If a full swing is taken after a bunt is shown, an out will be awarded to the batter. nd rd 
  •   Stealing of all bases (2 , 3 , and home) will be allowed. The base runner must remain in contact with the base until the pitch has been released. The runner attempting to steal can advance no farther than one base regardless of any overthrows or errors that occur during the steal attempt. Batters may not steal first on a dropped-third-strike. 
  •   A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher at anytime she is on base. The courtesy runner must be the last player in the lineup to have been put out by the defense. A player can be used as a courtesy runner only once per inning. 
  •   The rules book will govern overthrows that go into dead ball area, which is the base they are going to plus one at the time of the throw, WITHOUT the jeopardy of being put out. On overthrows that do not go into dead ball area, base runners may advance without limit, WITH the jeopardy of being put out. 


  •   Each pitcher is allowed 10 innings per week, Monday through Sunday. If a pitcher throws one pitch in an inning, she is charged for the entire inning. 
  •   If playing interleague games with an organization/association that uses the “coach pitch” option, the related attached “Coach Pitch Guidelines” will become part of these rules.


  •   Bringing the ball to the pitcher’s mound, to home plate, or asking for time does not constitute time out. Time will be called when the defense stops the lead runner or the runner abandons the effort to advance. Any runner who had not advanced more than the half-way point (30ft line) when time is called will return to the previous base touched. 
  •   Outfielders cannot make fielding outs in the infield (ex: center fielder fields a grounder and runs and tags second). Runner will be called safe if this happens. 


  •   For post-season play the same general rules will apply except as noted in this section. Four complete innings must be played, regardless of time/weather for the game to be official. For playoff games, time limit will be in effect but only after 4 innings have been completed. However, for the championship game there will be NO TIME LIMIT and shall last 6 innings. There will be no “tie” games. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation play, the game will continue until there is a winner at the end of a completed inning (equal times at bat for the teams). 
  •   The format for post-season play will be based on the number of teams. All games in the tournament will be single elimination. If there are 3 teams, Team 1 gets a “bye” in the first round, while Team 2 plays Team 3. Winner plays Team 1. For 4 teams, Team 1 plays Team 4, Team 2 plays Team 3...with the winners playing each other for the championship. For 5 teams, Team 1 gets a “bye” in the first round, Team 2 plays Team 5, Team 3 plays Team 4. In the Second round, Team 1 plays the winner of T3 vs. T4. That winner will move on to play the winner of T2 vs. T5 for the championship. Seeds are determined by final standings at the end of the regular season. This format may be changed if necessary due to weather or scheduling limitations. 
  •   Each pitcher will begin playoffs with a fresh inning count (0), and may pitch no more than 9 innings in any 2 consecutive games. The regular season pitching regulations do not apply to post season play. 

Coach Pitch Guidelines 

In the event of inter-league play with other associations/organizations that utilize the coach pitch option, the following rules (or those implemented by that organization) will be incorporated into the VYS 10-u rules and shall apply: 

  1. No more than two (2) walks can occur in any 1⁄2 inning. A hit batter is not considered a walk unless it was on Ball Four. 
  2. Once there have been two (2) walks in a half-inning, anytime the count reaches four (4) balls on a batter, an offensive coach will enter the game to pitch to that batter. There is no stealing of bases during coach pitch. 
  3. The offensive coach will inherit the count and have the number of remaining strikes as his/her pitch count. If the count is 4 balls/2 strikes, the coach has 1 pitch; if the count is 4 balls/1 strike, the coach has 2 pitches; if the count is 4 balls/0 strikes, the coach has 3 pitches. If the batter fails to put the ball in play within the number of pitches the coach has, then an out will be declared. 
  4. A batter will still have unlimited 3rd strike fouls. 
  5. Once the coach finishes pitching to the batter, the player/pitcher will pitch to the next batter in the line-up and will continue to do so until another 4-ball count occurs at which time the offensive coach would again enter the game. 
  6.  The offensive coach will be required to maintain contact with 35’ pitching rubber and will be required to deliver the pitch in a normal delivery method. The pitch may not rise higher than the batters head, or it is an illegal pitch. If an illegal pitch is hit, the hit is cancelled and the coach is warned. If a second illegal pitch is thrown and hit by the same batter, the hit is cancelled and a strike is called. If this is the 3rd strike, the batter is out. 
  7.  The offensive coach shall make every effort to remove him/herself from the field of play once a pitched ball is put into play unless in doing so they would interfere with a defensive play. If, in the umpire’s judgment, the offensive coach interferes with a defensive player making a play, an out may be called. Such a call shall not be subject to protest. If a ball strikes an offensive coach who has made an effort to avoid contact in the umpire’s judgment, a dead ball shall be called and the pitch will be taken over. Such a call shall not be subject to protest. 



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